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How Three Magic Words Can Help You Sell the "Why" of Your Camp Every Time

Back in May, my friend Travis Allison on his Go Camp Pro blog posted a very interesting and worthwhile article about how families go about choose your camp or, more specifically, the reasons WHY they do it . As Travis explains, it's all about selling the features, not the benefits, of the camp experience you deliver to kids. That means you're not just selling the camp experience itself, but something deeper. You're selling the OUTCOME of that experience in terms of personal growth for kids, making new friends, overcoming fears, or whatever else kids TAKE AWAY from the program you deliver. Selling benefits, outcomes, or, as Travis explains, the reason(s) "WHY" families choose your program over another isn't always easy to convey.  But I learned a little trick regarding how to do it, which works every time, and I'm happy to share with you. Seven years back, I discussed this trick in another blog post . I wanted to recount it here because Travis'