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The Easy Way to Market Your Camp to Parents and Kids Alike

As summer camp marketers, sometimes we struggle with how to effectively market our programs to parents and kids alike. It's imperative we appeal to both groups, but figuring out how isn't always easy. We tend to overthink what we're doing, then get frustrated trying to decide who to tailor our marketing content for, and whether we're doing it the right way. But it's not as hard as you think. I have a strategy I use at my own camp that helps me simplify my marketing in this regard, irrespective of whether I'm creating online of offline marketing content: I use pictures, images and video that appeal to kids, and text that appeals to parents. If you struggle with creating duel marketing messages that effectively target parents and kids together, try this strategy and you'll be fine. The reason it works is because kids and parents often browse the internet together, but even when they don't, we know the kids will eventually show their parents you