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How to Use Video to Market Your Camp

Last updated on November 16, 2022

The other day my dishwasher rack got stuck and I couldn’t pull it out. So what did I do? I turned to YouTube for help. Bingo! I watched a “How To” video on how to remove a stick dishwasher rack and I was set.

I’ll bet you’ve done tons of internet searches on “how to do” something or “how to find” something, etc., too.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post.

One of the more successful marketing activities I’ve engaged in lately (well, for the past couple years or so) has been making instructional videos and posting them on my camp’s website and YouTube channel. (Your camp does have a YouTube, channel, right?)

Anyway, the thing I like about video marketing is that pictures speak louder than words and videos speak louder than pictures. There’s no more engaging social media or content marketing strategy you can find than video marketing, where everyone in the world gets the opportunity to meet your staff, see your program and activities in action, and find out everything else you want them to know about your camp, all from their own location… and all on video!

There’s different kinds of video marketing. In this case we’re talking about marketing with instructional or “How To” videos. Did you know 80% of people would rather watch a video about something than read about it?

You will definitely be more memorable to people watching your videos than those reading your brochure, too.

One reason I’m such a big fan of instructional videos is because they’re often the last “push” your prospect needs before signing up for camp. The person watching the video is already a hot prospect for you. They typically would not be interested in your camp in the first place unless they decided to search on the video in the first place. because your video is a “How To” educational solution for just kind of info they’re looking for.  

Did you know the Gen-Z folks search on YouTube for “How To”videos in the same way older ones used Google in the past? Crazy!

Let me show you what I mean. I have a beach and surf camp in L.A. Most of the kids who come to my camp want to learn how to surf, but potential campers and their parents are often hesitant or intimidated try us at first because they’re concerned the camper doesn’t have any prior ocean or surfing experience.

But no matter how many times we tell them in person, on the phone, or in writing that no experience is necessary to enjoy our program — let alone explain to them verbatim step-by-step exactly what to expect — nothing’s as convincing an illustration than showing them a video of an actual “How to Learn To Surf” video given by our staff to other kids at our camp. Here it is:

When my prospects watch this video, it eases their anxiety and helps them visualize for themselves exactly what their own surf camp experience will be like, not to mention understand why they should pick our camp over another.

Your task now is to start making instructional videos for your camp. If you provide transportation, you can make one showing how your bus program works. If you have a nature program, show people how to properly care for and feed the animals. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, I wouldn’t worry to much about budget. I know there’s a number of good video production companies out there, but in my opinion, the videos that seem most authentic and down to earth are the ones you make yourself — very simple, raw and short (around 2 minutes or so is what to shoot for). I’d say authenticity is the number one thing you’re going after here — so don’t worry too much about looking like a pro. Just provide the info your audience wants and needs and you’ll both be very happy with the results.

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