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My Camp is Closed. Here's My Marketing Plan Until We Open Again.

I usually don't cave to fear but I confess the whole COVID-19 has been pretty scary.  But not from an, "I hope I don't catch the virus" standpoint -- I've never really been afraid of that. More frightening to me is the fact I can't operate my camp this summer due to the pandemic and the associated financial ramifications, many of which aren't even known to me yet. We Were Hopeful to Open Camp I was hopeful to operate in at least some capacity this summer. But given the modifications we'd need to make and virulent way coronavirus is tearing through L.A. County right now, it's highly unlikely (let alone advisable) to open camp this summer at all. From a financial standpoint, it's been a killer. I know many of you are facing your own struggles and hardships due to coronavirus. I hope everything works out for you. But as difficult as all of this has been (and continues to be!), we have to move forward. We owe it to our staff, campers, customer fami