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Top 7 Ways to Market Your Virtual Summer Camp

Summer 2020's turned out differently than any of us could have ever imagined. Thanks to coronavirus, many camps aren't operating or, if they are, don't look the same as before. Many camps have moved their programs online. And many others have been wanting to try to virtual summer camp concept, but haven't been sure where to start. If you've been meaning to move your camp online but need some initial guidance, the American Camp Association has some helpful tips and guidelines to point you in the right direction. Anyone Camp Open a Virtual Summer  Camp For better or for worse, starting an online summer camp is available to any person, anywhere, anytime. This means lots of potential competition --even Walmart and YouTube have jumped into the fray -- and market saturation quickly. But there's also many benefits to offering a virtual summer camp. For one thing, it gives day camps -- which are generally limited to their immediate geographic areas from which to draw

Is Your Camp Operating this Summer?

With so many camps doing different things this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic I thought I'd ask if you wouldn't mind sharing your status in the comments? Is your camp operating as usual this summer? Are you closed this year? Are you offering virtual programming rather than in-person camp? Are you offering a combination of traditional, in-person programs plus online programming together? I'm sure other folks would like to know your status. Please feel free to comment below. We are all pulling for each other. Good luck to all.

Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson: One of the Best Marketing Books You'll Ever Read

Some of the best marketing strategies I've ever learned I've read in books.  I've probably read over 150 sales and marketing books in my life, maybe more. When I say "best," I mean affordable, effective, understandable,and easy-to-implement marketing strategies that work and have been proven in action. If you enjoy reading and want to pick up some low-cost yet very effective marketing tools you can start using right way, I suggest Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. This book is an all-time classic -- by far one of the top two or three marketing books I've ever read in terms of providing actionable marketing ideas than can be implemented quickly, cheaply, and easily to help you fill your camp with kids. It's a treasure trove of marketing ideas that will help you learn how to out think and outsmart your competition rather than outspend them.  Even if you've read this book before, it's worth reading again. Yo

How to Market Your Camp on a Budget in the Age of Coronavirus

Sometimes people ask me what I think the single best way to market a camp is. I honestly don't know a   single best way. In my opinion, marketing works best when you have a number of strategies going at once. When you drop a single line in the ocean, you might catch a fish. When you drop five or six lines in, you have a better chance of catching your dream fish. Now this doesn't mean you should start indiscriminately spending your money on every marketing idea that comes your way. Doing so could be a very painful financial lesson to learn! It's always nice to allocate a small portion of your marketing budget to good old fashioned experimentation, but a more efficient strategy in my opinion is to constantly test what works and what doesn't while sticking to your budget. This is more important than ever in today's coronavirus environment. Maybe your camp isn't operating at full capacity right now, if you're even operating at all. In either case, you h