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Last updated on November 14, 2022

Last summer didn’t turn out the way most of us hoped, but we’ve all learned a lot since then. Many of the camp directors I’ve spoken to are highly optimistic 2021 will be a great summer camp year.

As many of you know I, together with my business partner Megan Cassidy, produced the L.A. Camp Fair family of camp fair events annually in Los Angeles including L.A.’s biggest Camp Fair at UCLA where over 1,000 families attend each year.

 Unfortunately, at least for the time being anyway, live events are still on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. If anything changes we’ll pull together several live camp fairs quickly.

Meanwhile, kids still need to go to camp, and their parents still need to find suitable programs for their kids. We created, the 1st-of-its-kind purpose-built online camp fair platform that rivals an in-person event, to solve this probelm. 

You already know the importance of meeting families in person so you can earn their trust before they sign up for your camp. Add your camp to today to enjoy a camp fair that rivals the in-person experience:

  • Interact with camp fair family attendees in real time via live chat and video 
  • Upload your videos and brochures for sharing 
  • Get a full page profile listing on the site for a full year and so much more

This is NOT one of those boring Zoom or Facebook live events and calling it a camp fair. This is the real deal. $299 for 3 booths at three camp fairs and a fully customizable listing on Google’s highest ranked virtual camp fair site. The price goes up soon, so reserve your spot now

First of three camp fairs goes live March 6.The other two take place April 7 and May 1. Hope to have you with us.

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