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Marketing Your Camp With Coupons and Offers Gets Prospects in the Door

Last updated on November 14, 2022

I’ve recommended marketing your camp with coupons, offers and discounts before.

It’s one of the most efficient ways to get prospects to try your camp and then convert them into loyal customers, in my opinion. High camper return rates is what you want, right?

Other camp marketers disagree with me. 

They feel offering discounts cheapens the camp experience. 

Or that it attracts cheapskates who’ll try your program once, then disappear.

This kind of thinking causes me to wonder if these people have doubts about the quality of their programs.

If you run a great program – which I assume you do – once you get a camper in the door with a small discount, it’ll be easy as pie to convert them into a full paying customer later. Your program will sell itself.

If you decide marketing your program with discounts and coupons is something you want to do, keep in mind you don’t need to discount your camp tuition specifically.

You can offer a special bonus with sign up – maybe a free t-shirt, discount to your camp store, that kind of thing.

To increase the effectiveness of your coupon campaign, keep in mind your goal is to get prospects to respond to your offers NOW.

Include prominent expiration dates, limited time offers and calls to action so prospects respond to your offers immediately.

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