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Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? SnapChat? TikTok? Who Cares? Just Pick One or Two You Like, Create Share-Worthy Content, and Your Post Will Be Shared Across All the Rest of the Platforms Naturally.

Can you think of any other industry, other than camp, where the people in charge wear more hats? I can’t.

Tomorrow morning you might be fixing a broken pipe in the cabin bathroom, then a few minutes later posting something on social media, then returning parent phone calls, then ordering new horseback riding saddles, and on and on.

Let’s focus on social media for the purpose of this post.

You already know staying connected to customers and prospects is key to your camp’s marketing plan and overall success. But you can also go get frazzled, if not completely stressed out, trying to decide which social media platforms are the best ones to use for your camp.

Should you post on Twitter? Facebook? SnapChat? TikTok? Pinterest?

What about the newest social media platform that comes out tomorrow? Or the day after that?

I say, stop worrying about it. If you try to post everywhere, you’ll spread yourself too thin and go nuts trying to keep track of it all. You only need one or two platforms at the most for a successful social media marketing strategy. That’s because if your content is interesting enough, it’ll eventually be shared across all the various social media platforms by your fans and followers anyway.

Choose one or two social media sites you favor personally and focus on those. Let your fans and followers do the heavy lifting for you!

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