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The #1 Reason Why You Should Market Your Camp Year-Round

A few years ago we discussed the top four marketing strategies you can use in the off-season to keep your program relevant and relevant all year-round.

In the same vein, today I wanted to discuss the most important reason why you should never stop marketing your camp, even when it’s not in session, and why that consistency and so crucial to the continued success of your camp operation:

Even though we’re all friends, there’s always another camp looking to steal your customers.

Regardless which marketing strategies you use to promote your camp, never forget these two important points:

•You must reach prospects first

•You must reach prospects more often

That means you should try to reach your prospects at least twice a month in the off-season, and far more often during camp enrollment season. Email marketing, direct mail, blogging, etc. are your best friends when targeting camp family prospects on a consistently planned basis. Also make sure you brand all your marketing with your camp’s logo so prospects recognize your brand every time.

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