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Marketing to Millennial Parents: Understanding What They Want From a Summer Camp Experience

Understanding Millennial Parents: What They Want From a Summer Camp Experience

Millennial parents have different values and priorities than previous generations, and as a result, the way that summer camps are marketed and the experiences that they offer need to evolve to meet these changing demands. Here are some key factors to consider when marketing to millennial parents:

Diverse Programming

Many millennial parents are interested in camps that offer a more diverse range of activities beyond traditional outdoor activities. They want their children to have a well-rounded experience that can help them develop skills and interests that will benefit them in the long term. Some camps are responding to this trend by offering STEM programs, creative arts, and leadership development activities.

Safety and Security

In today’s world, parents are more concerned than ever about the safety of their children. As such, camps that prioritize safety protocols and have clear policies in place for emergencies are more likely to appeal to millennial parents. Make sure to highlight the measures that your camp takes to ensure the safety and well-being of campers.


Millennial parents tend to be more tech-savvy than previous generations, and they want to stay connected with their kids while they’re away at camp. They also want easy access to updates and information about their child’s experience. Consider offering an online portal or app for parents to stay updated on their child’s activities and progress, and make sure to highlight this feature in your marketing materials.

Social Responsibility

Millennial parents tend to be more environmentally conscious and socially aware than previous generations. They want to support camps that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. As such, camps that incorporate eco-friendly practices into their operations or offer opportunities for campers to give back to their communities are more likely to appeal to this demographic. Highlight your camp’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility in your marketing materials.

Incorporating these values and priorities into your marketing strategy can help you better connect with millennial parents and attract more families to your summer camp. By offering diverse programming, prioritizing safety and security, embracing technology, and incorporating sustainability and social responsibility into your operations, you can create a summer camp experience that resonates with the values and priorities of today’s parents.

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