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Rethinking Camp Fairs: My Personal Take on Why They Still Matter

It’s easy to get caught up in the digital wave, especially in our line of work. As camp directors, we’re constantly looking for the most effective ways to reach out to families, to show them what an amazing summer their kids can have with us. And sure, these days, it seems like everyone’s first instinct is to go online. Got a question? Google it. Looking for a summer camp? Browse the web. Any why not? – the digital world is incredibly convenient. But here’s a thought – maybe we’re missing out on something really valuable by letting camp fairs slip through the cracks.

My feeling is, there’s something about camp fairs that a website or a social media can’t match. It’s that personal touch – the chance to see a parent’s genuine smile as you describe the adventures their child will have, or the spark in a kid’s eyes when you talk about the campfire stories or treasure hunts. You can’t get that through a screen.

And it’s not just about selling your camp. It’s more about personally connecting with the people you’re hoping to welcome this summer. Answering their questions on the spot, easing their worries with a reassuring chat, and just getting that real, immediate feedback – it’s invaluable. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you go back and think, “Okay, we’re doing this right,” or, “Maybe we need to tweak this a bit.”

Plus, let’s face it, in the sea of online information, camps can start to look pretty similar. But at a camp fair, you get to really showcase what’s special about your place. It’s your moment to shine and show that your camp isn’t just another option – it’s the place to be this summer.

And beyond the families, it’s about us – the camp community. These fairs are where we get to meet each other, share our challenges, our successes, and maybe even plant the seeds for some cool collaborations. It’s about building a network, a support system.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we ditch our websites or stop posting on social media. Those are crucial. But why not mix it up? Let’s get the best of both worlds. Make those connections at the fair, and then keep the conversation going online. It’s like creating a bridge between the personal and the digital.

So, before we write off camp fairs as a thing of the past, let’s think about all the opportunities they’re bringing to the table. It’s not just about filling those summer spots. It’s about creating a community, making genuine connections, and honestly, just remembering why we got into this field in the first place – to bring some real, unforgettable joy into kids’ lives. Let’s give camp fairs another look. Who knows? It might just be the missing marketing piece your camp’s been looking for.

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